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SIM Chapter Academic Liaison
SIM has been a premier organization for IT executives for over a quarter century. Academics have been an important constituent during this time. We participate as presenters for Chapter Meetings and at SIM's annual conference, SIM Connect Live, conduct research for the Advanced Practices Council (APC), MISQE and other constituents, as well as support Chapter scholarship programs. It has become apparent, of late, that academics could/should play an even larger role. With that in mind, we have asked that all Chapters identify an Academic Liaison to help better leverage the impact that academicians have on SIM.

The Role of SIM Academic Liaison would include:

  • Communicate the important research on the future of IT in the US
  • Conduct a meeting prior / during / after SIM Connect Live
  • Coordinate SIM – AITP activities
  • Develop scholarship and mentorship programs
  • Encourage universities that have strong IT programs to get involved with SIM
  • Engage practitioners in IS accreditation process
  • Facilitate academic research programs locally and across SIM
  • Facilitate Microsoft seminars on careers in IT; expand with local organizations
  • Expand 8 to focus on advisors / counselors
  • Foster internship programs
  • Get university CIOs to participate in chapters
  • Leverage the value / contribution of MISQE
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls and meetings during ICIS, AMCIS, and SIMposium with other liaisons
  • Participate in SIM’s session prior to ICIS
  • Promote Academic Institution Membership
  • Provide SIM speaker possibilities to the universities and university speakers to SIM

Academic Programs Contact
Mary Sumner