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SIM Academic Updates 2021


SIM Academic Updates

November and December have been a busy time for professional meetings addressing the challenges of digital transformation.  In all of these events, academic leaders are connecting with SIM Chapter members and IT industry leaders to partner in addressing these challenges.  Examples are:

MISQE and SIM Academic Workshop:  December 11, 2021 and January 5, 2022 (virtual)

The theme of the Pre-ICIS MISQE and SIM Academic Workshop was “Crisis Driven Digital Transformation.”  The annual workshop gives researchers and opportunity to develop Abstracts for the December, 2022 Special Issue of MISQE.  The purpose of the Workshop is to explore case studies that illustrate the interplay of crisis and digital transformation.  Key Research Topics are addressing (1) the Digital Workforce; (2) Technology Challenges; (3) External Forces on Business Operations; (4) Facilitating Digital Transformation and Impact; and (5) the Outcomes of Crisis-Driven Digital Transformation. 

The CIO Forum at ICIS 2021, December 13, 2021.

The CIO Forum is an integral part of the ICIS 2021 program.  The CIO Forum, co-chaired by Keiran Conboy, NUI Galway, and Keri Pearlson, MIT Sloan, is designed to offer opportunities to make the connection between academic research and practice.  The program features industry-chosen Best Papers at ICIS so that authors who have created research which impacts practice can be recognized for their contributions. 

The CIO Forum includes Table Discussions between a mix of academics and practitioners.  Several of the discussion seed questions are “What is the most important business/IT problem you’ll have to solve 2 years’ from today?  How can we collaborate to find new approaches/solutions to research to be prepared to meet these challenges? 

These professional networking events continue to strengthen the connection between research and practice and give academics and IT professionals an opportunity to lead change and to meet the challenges of digital leadership.